Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Commitment and Changes

This seems to be my year for setting goals and then working toward them. Yes, I've always been a list maker and I've always set goals but usually I just let those goals fall aside. Not this year, apparently God has a different plan -- for both personal and business goals.

I made a personal commitment on January 20, 2014 to "Get Fit". No more "I'll start tomorrow" or any other excuse. On that day, I made a personal decision and commitment -- and I haven't looked back. Has it been hard? You Bet! But God is my strength and my rock. He will not leave me, He will not forsake me and He isn't going to give up on me. Follow along with me on my journey to ... Getting Fit!!

I also set a few business goals for this year. The first was to get Prim 'n Purdy back up and running ... I am moving forward. The enemy has tried to put up a few roadblocks along this journey, but guess what? Every time there's a roadblock, there's also a prayer "God, if this is Your will, I know You will make it happen". And so far, every roadblock has been cleared -- not instantly, but cleared at some point.

The first business goal was, of course, to make the necessary changes in the design. It seems lots has changed over the past three years of my absence -- not from the internet, but from a design perspective. I prayed a lot and the necessary changes came about without too much hassle -- YAY God!!

Then, I set a blogging goal and the enemy sends me GERMS! Yes, I ended up with a terrible cold -- now mind you, I hadn't been sick throughout this long, cold winter. Spring comes, I start walking my journey with God and I get sick??!!! Something's not right, the devil doesn't like when we are doing as God asks and encourages us --- but again God prevailed and the cold only lasted a short time. So now, I can get that blogging goal moving forward ...

I am looking forward to sharing with you, not just business products and ideas but my personal goals, setbacks and achievements too. I also hope to share from our daily life of country living, homeschooling, raising a special needs child and of course, our grandchildren (and their families -- our beautiful adult children!). 

I hope you will find encouragement and inspiration as you follow along with me on my God-given journey -- Faith * Fitness * Fashion * FarmHouse * Food * Fabulous.

Country FarmHouse Blessings,

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