Thursday, August 15, 2013

Living a Simple Life

This is a continuation of Passions and Dreams ... I believe that we should live our lives simple. And I am very passionate about wanting to teach others way that they can simplify their own lives. Simple can mean so many different things so let me explain what I think a "Simple Life" is all about.

Does it mean give up everything or sell everything? No. Does it mean we should all live in a cabin with no electricity, just gas generated products? No, not unless you want to do that. Does it mean we should give up our running water? Not me. 

Of course, Living Simple is going to have a different meaning depending on your circumstances too. If you are a millionaire, your idea of a Simple Life will surely be different than a person who lives paycheck to paycheck or even worse.

Now that we have the basics out of the way, let me explain my idea of A Simple Life. I believe that Living Simple is living within your means; it means thinking about a purchase instead of impulse buying. How many times have you purchased something and then a week later had doubts and maybe even a regret or two? I can honestly say that I have purchased on impulse and then wondered why I made that purchase.

If this is something you have considered doing, or are maybe considering now, you might be thinking "where do I start?" "How do I start Living Simple?" That's an easy one ... pick a room, a closet, a cabinet, etc. Take everything out -- this may seem like a lot of work, but it's the best way to start so you don't overlook anything. Start making piles: "Keep" because I use it or wear it. "Maybe" because I really like it, not sure if I can part with it or maybe it has sentimental value. "Discard" because I don't use it or wear it and never really have or it's simply worn out, doesn't fit, etc.

The Keep pile is an easy one -- you use it or wear it on a daily or when needed basis. If these Keep items are used daily, you will want them near the front so you can get to the item readily. If you use or wear it on a needed basis, for instance my canning equipment, it should be put toward the back of a closet or even in a cabinet that you are going to use for "as needed" items.

The Discard pile is another easy one -- doesn't fit, you don't use or wear it, etc. Now within this pile, I will separate into two more piles -- I didn't say this Living Simple was going to be EASY! *smiles* I make a pile of repurpose or reuse items. For instance, a tee shirt that doesn't fit can be altered to fit someone else in my family OR I can use it for fabric to make doll clothes, a quilt, etc. And the other pile is throw or give away; depending on the quality of those items. Of course, if you are not going to repurpose or reuse within a timely period, it might be best to just add that item to the give away pile.

The Maybe pile is going to be the most difficult. Here's what I personally do: I put things of sentimental value or just can't get rid of yet in a storage container -- plastic or cardboard box, whatever works best for you. Mark the container with the date that you sorted through your items -- today's date if you are going to start Living Simple today -- and you may want to "visit" this box again at a different time. Things of importance today, may not seem so important in a year or two. Now the items that you know you CANNOT part with should be put away appropriately -- maybe these are items you are saving for your children or grandchildren, mark them with a name and maybe add a letter, you just never know what tomorrow will bring. Or maybe these are items that were given to you from your great grandmother, again, mark these items in that way because the next generation may want to know "the story" that goes with that item. And so on. The items that you MUST save, should also be put away appropriately -- either in a storage container or a safe place.

After you have finished that first closet, cabinet, drawer, etc, Step Back and Admire your accomplishment. You may even feel as if a burden has been lifted from your shoulders, I know I usually do. These "empty" items are really just dead weight and space takers.

Let's move on to the next room, cabinet, closet, etc. As you get all your "give away" items in a pile, you may even find that you have so many items that are of a good quality, you can make some extra money. How? Garage Sale. Sell on eBay. Sell on Consignment. And what an even better feeling that will be *smiles*!

I have so many ideas and ways to Simplify your Life that I'm going to stop this post here with the promise to come back to it at a later date. This is probably more than enough "doing" for just one day. Well, what are you waiting for? Get Started Today --- Living a Simple Life.

Have a Beautiful Blessed Day!!

Country FarmHouse Blessings,


  1. I sooooo need to find my mojo and start doing this in my house, Lori. Thanks for the inspiring words!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  2. Excellent post! I have followed this procedure many times . . . but somehow possessions and clutter multiply nevertheless! I think this has to be an ongoing process of rotating through the closets, cabinets and drawers in your house!

    I am looking forward to reading more posts about simple living.

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