Thursday, July 18, 2013

Country FarmHouse Fresh Baked Bread

Who doesn’t LOVE homemade bread?!  This is the Easiest White Bread Recipe You Ever Tried. Your house will smell like heaven and your family will love you. This recipe was adapted from a tasty kitchen recipe for the Country FarmHouse Kitchen.

Country FarmHouse White Bread
Makes 4 Large Loaves


4 cups Warm Water
8 Tablespoons Sugar
8 Tablespoons Yeast
4 Tablespoons Olive Oil
4 teaspoons Salt
7 - 10 cups Flour

This recipe makes 4 large loaves.

Add sugar to 1 cup of the warm water and stir. Then dissolve yeast in the sugar water. Let the sugar/yeast mixture rest until doubled in size.

Pour oil in bowl, add sugar/yeast mixture, remaining 3 cups of water and salt.

Add flour, 2-3 cups at a time. Knead (gently massage with your hand) to make a soft, not sticky dough. TIP: You're done kneading if when you touch it, the bread doesn't stick to your finger. If it sticks to your fingers, ADD more flour. The original recipe called for 7 cups of flour, but I'll be completely honest and state that I've always used at least 9-10 cups of flour. So don't be nervous if you seem to be adding more flour.

Cut the dough into four equal pieces. Set on a greased counter top, cover with a towel and let stand for 15 minutes.

Pound each piece with a wooden spoon for 1 minute to get the air bubbles out. I roll mine with a wooden rolling pin also, just to make sure. Form into loaves and place in greased loaf pans.

Allow dough to raise until doubled in size ... again I let my dough rise until it's just a little above the top edge of the pan and I like it even better - a little lighter and very easy to cut into smaller slices when completely baked and cooled.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30-45 minutes or until golden on top. Rub butter on top while it's still warm, if desired.

To store, wrap in plastic wrap and place in a zip-top bag. Best served when warm but it's also nice to share with family, friends and neighbors.

Country FarmHouse Blessings,


  1. Yay, I love homemade bread! My mom made all our bread that way growing up and I need to do it more often. I'm lazy and use a bread machine ;) Thanks for sharing your blog on my Purposeful Mom page, I'm glad I found it!

    1. I used to use a bread machine too, but I guess I overused it (if that possible) and it broke :) Have a Beautiful Blessed Day!