Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Decorating Styles

There are so many decorating styles out there --- Primitive. Chic. Country. Beach. Romantic. Rustic. Coastal. Prairie. Cottage. Shabby. Western. --- and the list goes on and on. With all these styles to choose from, it can become a little overwhelming. And of course, each style means something else to each individual. 

My style is really a style that is all my own -- Country FarmHouse StyleAs you will see, Country FarmHouse Style is a modge podge, mixed media of style combinations. A little of this, a bit of that and a pinch of something more. Decorating is a feeling --- a feeling of what home is to you. A feeling of comfort. A feeling of joy. Most importantly, a feeling of LOVE. 

I won't pretend to be an expert in the decorating field, believe me, I have many friends who put me to shame - I am in awe of their homes. I am not new to decorating, but my decorating style has evolved over the years --- in fact, some of it has changed completed --- and I do have lots of experience in choosing items and decorating on a budget. In fact, one of my favorite furniture pieces came from a dumpster -- 25 years ago -- it is still a focal piece in my home today. I hope that my blog posts and photos will offer you some inspiration -- as a newbie or someone who has been decorating for years. And maybe this is just the therapy I need --- to become a blessing, encouraging and inspiring others, while getting back to doing what I love.

I like the color WHITE but you won't find too much in my Country FarmHouse. Can you imagine white in my house with four kids, one that is special needs, eight grandchildren, a dog, a cat and husband who works in the construction field?? Yikes! But you will find lots and lots of CREAM, ANTIQUE WHITE, TEA-STAINED --- just enough white without worry *smiles*.

I also like a Simple Decor. Simple as in Less Cluttered. On a Budget. Living within my Means. As a stay at home mom for the last 27+ years, we have learned to live on just one income. Yes, I do have my own sources of income including my handmades and my various website items but that is not always a steady income and of course, it also depends on my availability of time. 

I love roses but you will not find big cabbage roses within my decor. You will, however, find simple Country Flowers - like Sunflowers, Lilacs, Daisies - and a few simple other floral arrangements.

You may also find that some of our remodeling projects take a bit longer to complete than others. Why? My wonderful husband and I prefer to do most things ourselves, even if it takes a few more months. Plus with a busy schedule as mine, which includes running our Country FarmHouse, caring for and homeschooling a special needs daughter, along with making sure we find family time (a very important priority to us!); a husband who is as busy, if not more so, and a busy schedule for our special needs daughter, as she competes in many Special Olympic events, our time can be very limited -- we thank you for your understanding and patience.

As you look through my posts, my pictures and as you follow along with me on this newest journey, my only goal is that you find INSPIRATION. It will be a great blessing to me if I can help just one other person find a "sense of belonging" in their own home.


Country FarmHouse Blessings,

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