Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Stepping Over the Threshold ...

For too long, I have avoided my studio. I know what you are thinking --- but wait, I see your posts about working on projects, etc. While I do work on projects, I don't work in my studio --- I work in the living room, my bedroom, the kitchen table --- everywhere EXCEPT my studio. I worked really hard last year at moving this room; I even moved it into an entirely different room, but I still just can't seem to "work" in it. I thought if I moved my room, remodeled, redecorated, even changed it from an office to a studio that all would be okay. Not the answer. Didn't solve my dilemma. 

You see, my office aka my studio, was the room that Mike and I spent a lot of time in --- more as he grew older. We had the most beautiful talks in my office --- and there are just so many memories. I can remember Mike coming home from school, even high school, and tell me that it was time to put down whatever I was working on because it was "Mike Time" --- just a little room in the house but what things we shared. We talked about school, life, his hopes and dreams, girlfriends, the things he wanted to accomplish in life, what I was making for dinner, and dessert too --- So Many Memories and MOMents that will forever be cherished in my heart.

BUT TODAY, I decided that it was TIME ... 

Time to step over the threshold and start moving forward. I opened the window and dusted its frame; letting the warm breezes and the sounds of the birds comfort me --- knowing that this is the journey God was telling me to take. I won't lie and tell you it was easy --- I had many MOMents of thoughts and tears. Although, I had to take a few breaks (most of them out of that room), I feel as if I accomplished something --- not a lot but at least I cleaned off the sewing table and the floor around it. And I also decided that this is something I NEED to do ... so I will set a timer, if necessary, and just organize and straighten until this room is completed and I can get back to designing, cutting fabric and sewing AGAIN. 

I know I can do this ... God has been asking / telling me to take this step and I've been trying to hold off as long as possible ... lots of perseverance, good thoughts and prayers ... but I WILL DO THIS with God's help!

Country FarmHouse Blessings,


  1. Hi Miss Lori~ My heart goes out to you~
    I think this is exactly what God would want you to do~
    And I think your Son Mike would want you to do~
    To continue to make things~ Things that make you happy~
    He would want you to have a ~ Happy Heart~
    Sending you my love and hug~ Pam~*~

    1. Thank you Pam. You always seem to help me smile :0) and believe me, that is so appreciated. I am going to continue -- it's all about moving forward, right??!! Love and Hugs