Friday, March 15, 2013

FRIDAY is FOR ....


Fridays in our home our casual and fun. We like to things out of the normal or "just because". It's a day that even our homeschool lessons are fun and simple --- since we homeschool all year long this doesn't present any problems in our actual lessons or learning. We call Fridays' Fabulous ... the start of a wonderful weekend spent together as a family and with family. To honor "Fabulous Friday", I decided to start something new on my blog too.

FANTABULOUS FUN FRIDAYS. I know you are asking yourselves, what is she talking about *smiles*. I am going to mix things up and share many different, unique, fun, interesting, creative things on Fridays. I might talk about homeschool projects, FarmHouse Finds, fun things to do over the weekend (in our area, of course), creative ideas/projects that I am working on or even just simple things - a fun quote, a song that we love, etc.

For our FIRST FANTABULOUS FUN FRIDAY, I decided to talk about a Fun New Project that I've been working on. BUT first, I am to tell you that someone at American Patchwork & Quilting magazine MUST have been reading my mind. I received their April 2013 and finally had the opportunity to look through it. I am inspired (and who wouldn't be) but this is what caught my eye --- they have a quilt called "Color Me Crochet" and it's very similar to what I am working on --- the difference, of course, is that MINE really is CROCHETED!!

This is the "Color Me Crochet" Quilt in their April 2013 Magazine ...

Now here is what I have been working on since the end of January (or maybe the very beginning of February) --- it was supposed to be a birthday present for my husband's 50th birthday ~ better late than never *smiles*

As you can see, I am still making progress. The first photo shows my mix of granny squares --- crocheted and ready to be "sewn" together. The middle photo shows a few of my "sewn" 9 patch squares. The last photo shows A Work in Progress ..... My Version of a 9 Patch Afghan.

And here's another of my Work in Progress --- 9 Patch Crocheted Afghan

I hope this inspires you to have a "FANTABULOUS FUN FRIDAY" and a Wonderful Weekend too. See you on Monday *smiles*!!!

Country FarmHouse Blessings,

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