Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A New Direction

Yesterday, during my prayer time, I felt this tender little nudge on my heart --- you know, the one you feel when God is trying to get your attention. As I sat there contemplating what He was asking of me, I would feel at peace and then scared; and then at peace again. 

As I went throughout the day, I would feel complete peace whenever I thought about the direction God was asking me --- enough to say that I was having a good day.

This morning, upon waking, this very thought (this direction) was on my mind; enough that it was one of the first prayers out of my mouth. As the morning has gone on, I will be honest and say that I still feel at peace but I am also sick to my stomach --- every time I think about it. YES, I know that God will go with me, every step of the way BUT .... this is so far out of my COMFORT ZONE that this sick feeling is very real to me.

I will say that this is NOT a ground-breaking, never been tread on before idea --- NEW to me maybe but there are so many others out there doing this very same thing (and believe me, most of them are a lot younger and have been doing it for a longer time period). I am not going to share a lot of details at this time --- quite honestly, I am not exactly sure where God is leading me to take this idea.

I am not very consistent at blogging but do feel that God is leading me to put more of my ideas "out there" so for now, I will try to find more time to blog --- in the direction that God wants me to go. I will be posting on my facebook page also, so look for me there. In the meantime, look for a few changes to come in the very near future --- changes that are, again, scary, but also leading in the right direction --- this NEW JOURNEY with God.

Country FarmHouse Blessings,

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