Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Harvest Table

Fall Decorating at its finest....I love decorating for the Fall Season, don't you? The colors are so vibrant and vivid.

This is our Harvest Table, really it's just our Dining Room Table. It not only looks beautiful, but it didn't cost a lot of money to decorate either. I just love the floral arrangement - with all the beautiful the fall colors.

Want to do this yourself? Are you on a budget? Prim 'n Purdy can help you...

For under $35, we can help you "set your Harvest Table" too...

Vase - $2.00 (garage sale find)
Doily - had around the house (we use them all the time - you can probably pick one up for $1.00)
Candle Holders - $5.00 total - bought at a Pier One store that was going out of business
Flowers - $15.00 (these are actually two bunches of flower bundles purchased at Hobby Lobby)
Candles - $3.00 (for Natural Candles - great price available at Prim 'n Purdy) scented in Cinnamon Apple
Placemats - $2.00 each ($8.00 total) purchased last season at Kohl's on Clearance

What can you do to make your own "Harvest Table" ready for the Fall Season?
Prairie FarmHouse Blessings,
~*~ Lori ~*~
 Purdy Prairie Mama 


  1. Beautiful! My kind of decorating (tastefully done on a budget and still looks great!).

  2. Love it Lori!! Loveeeee those pretty fall colors!! And thrifty decorating, My Fave! Looks Beautiful, thanks for sharing!