Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Let's go to the Apple Orchard...

What's the first thing you notice when you pull up at the Apple Orchard? Could it be the Big Barn? All the Apple Trees? Maybe it's the amount of Mums that they have for sale? The first thing we notice is that there were are few places to park...guess it's a busy day!

And look at all the mums that they have for sale. Have you ever seen this many mums in so many colors? I just love the autumn flowers, so brilliant and bright. Mums have a way of saying "Autumn is on the way".

Does your Appl
e Orchard have any other activities? Petting Zoo? Horse ride? Our Apple Orchard visit includes a petting zoo with farm animals; a baby cow along with a play area for the kids with tractors, a playhouse and a few other activities. We also are able to go on a horse and buggy ride...Large Horses (Draft Horses, maybe) that take you on a path along the outside of the apple orchard trees and main farm.

After our hor
se and buggy ride, we were walking past the food barn. Oh my goodness, can you smell the food coming from inside the barn. All those yummy smells: hot dogs, bar-b-que sandwiches, nachos, hot apple pie, warm apple cider; they are so hard to resist....come along and join me as we grab a bite to eat! What are you in the mood to have as a snack?
Snack time is over; that was so good. But now it's time to visit the shop....

Join us again, as we'll visit the shop in the main barn with our next post.
Primitive Country Blessings,

Lori :0)

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