Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another New Bath Shoppe Product

I know what you're thinking...two posts in a row...what is going on today? I am working on the website, the catalog, the blog and the products today.

Lots and lots of updates. We have so many new products that as I am listing in the catalog, I am adding them to the website. Well, how are you going to learn about them if I don't add them to the blog too. Busy, busy, busy around here...so many new items.

Our Hand Sanitizer Gel
helps reduce bacteria on the skin that could cause disease. Recommended for repeated use. PLUS it's GREAT smelling too!

Very convenient, no water needed, just rub a dime sized amount on your palm and rub your hands together til dry.

Available in our convenient 4 oz size - great for your purse, diaper bag, tote or even on your desk at school, home or office.
Primitive Country Blessings,

Lori :0)

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