Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Holiday

Beach Inspired
Photo courtesy of Coastal Living

While browsing online, I came across this wonderful photo and it starting the thinking process; so many people are staying home this year or doing activities near their home that maybe Prim 'n Purdy should offer a "Summer Holiday" Collection. I should add that this are not new scents (unless specified); they are just a way to use the existing items for your own Summer Holiday Home Decorating.

I decided to pour some ocean scented candles...with that came more ideas and more get the general idea. I personally would love to live by the water; Beach Inspired was born. I decided to make home decor ideas to go with the products that we have at Prim 'n Purdy.
Beach Inspired...stay tuned! As soon as the candles are ready, I will post my first "Beach Inspired" home decorating idea.

Country Prim Blessings,


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