Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Missing Me...

I have been missing for quite a while judging by the date of my last post. I have made a goal/commitment to post daily (Monday - Friday) so hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more posts from me in the near future. Most times I do not post on the weekends, mainly because I reserve those times for a day off and family days.

I actually made this commitment to start on June 1st. After all, it was a Monday, beginning of a new month, BUT things happen and so I had to change my start date. June 3rd seemed like the next date to start this project. Why? It's a month before my birthday and the number 3 has always been my favorite number - smiles!

I was trying to come up with a system of sorts. You know on Monday - post a recipe, Tuesday - post a business tip; but I couldn't seem to find a system that I liked so we're just going to see how things go.

What will you be seeing from me? Definitely business tips - direct sales, tax tips, party ideas, etc, Recipes - Quick and Easy, Crockpot, Desserts, etc, New Products, New Scents, New Ideas, Specials of the Month, Decorating and Organizational Tips, etc - a Variety of Ideas and Tips.

I look forward to "chatting" with you tomorrow. Have a Blessed Day!

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