Monday, January 12, 2009

We are on Facebook...

I have been on Facebook for only a short time, but I have really enjoyed connecting with friends that I haven't seen in 20+ years along with friends that I have known for a short while. It's a wonderful experience getting to "talk" with them, see what they are up to, look at the pictures and just spending time with them.

While searching Facebook, I found business pages. You can add your business on facebook and then have your friends, customers and others, sign up to be a fan. I decided that this would be a fun way to promote my business, show off new products and post updates.

Prim 'n Purdy has their very own Facebook business page; you can find it here. If you are on Facebook, please sign up to be a fan. (WOW! Can you believe it, I have fans - what a movie star feeling!).

I look forward to meeting new friends and reconnecting with those from the past.

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