Monday, December 22, 2008

Cashmere 'n Lace

The name of this scent just sounds like something you would have to own. This is personally one of my favorite scents. I usually do not like flower type scents, but this one seems to have a softness added to it.
This scent is part of our DivaLicious Collection. This scent can be used in a variety of products including shower gel, luxurious lotion, SoyLites Jar Candle, Silky Soft Body Spray, Prim Heart Soaps and so many others.

Cashmere 'n Lace is an intoxicating feminine fragrance. With soft powdery top notes and light sweet floral/citrus blend bottom notes.
This has become a very popular scent on our website so look for more items made with this scent in 2009. We should be adding some items to our etsy and eBay store also in this wonderful scent.

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