Sunday, November 30, 2008

Primitive Jar Candles

Look at our wonderful collection of Country and Primitive Jar Candles. Our SoyLites™ candles are made with soybean wax. Soybean wax is a natural environmentally safe wax made with non-petroleum, renewable and biodegradable sources. Soybean wax is made predominantly from domestically grown crops supporting the American Farmers and our economy. Our SoyLites™ Candles are made with a soybean wax base, a small percentage (about 2%) of other vegetable waxes, fine fragrance oils and/or essentials oils. We use high quality premium fragrance oil in our SoyLites™ Candle Line. SoyLites™ are clean burning with longer burning times when compared to paraffin wax. The soybean wax will clean up with soap and hot water.

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