Friday, November 14, 2008

New Soy Candles - SoyLites™

We are changing our candle making process...Our SoyLites™ candles are made with natural and renewable soy, a small percentage (about 2%) of other vegetable waxes, fine fragrance oils and essential oils. These candles will burn longer and cleaner than traditional paraffin waxes. We use high quality premium fragrance oil in our SoyLites™ Candle Line, as well as 100% essential oils in our Serenity Sensations aromatherapy candles. We prefer to leave the candles naturally colored, but due to customer request, we use quality candle dye in some of the SoyLites™ Candle Line to match your Home Decor.

Of course, this also means lots and lots of testing AGAIN! Candlemaking is a complex process - what size wick? how much fragrance? and so on. The process to make the necessary changes was not as time consuming since we already knew what size wicks and fragrance usage in traditional paraffin wax.

Today we completed the first phase of testing...Introducing our
SoyLites™ Square Mason Jar Candles.

Our 8 oz Square Mason Jar Candle is available in a variety of scents. Perfect for your
primitive decor...definitely make your home smell fabulous!

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