Friday, October 17, 2008

Home Office Organizing

For some reason, I spent most of yesterday thinking it was Friday and didn't know what to blog about today. I have decided to post some before/after photos of a home office organizing project.

These are all BEFORE enjoy the AFTER pictures.


  1. your "before" looks like my "now"! Great job on your organizing. Isn't it such a good feeling when we take the time to do it! Now, if only we can keep it clean all the time!

  2. I know I have trouble thinking or being motivated to work when my office is all cluttered. I usually end up just shutting the door. Your office looks great! I hope I'm just as successful when I get to organizing mine (mostly paperwork).

  3. I have actually changed a few things around...maybe it's time for another update. I will wait until I get the sewing/shoppe room completed then I'll do another post!