Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Website Updates and Votives Candles

I've been working on re-doing the website now for a couple of days (actually weeks, if you include moving some of the pages and uploading some of the new products). I am finally adding the candle pages - slowly, but surely.

Today, I worked on the votives page. Prim 'n Purdy votives are available in two sizes (the photo on the left - 5 oz votives) - 2.5 oz and 5 oz. The votives are offered in a wonderful variety of scents - something for everyone. These are not your "supermarket" candles, these are handcrafted with a longer burning and scent time.

I will be adding the jar candles page soon (might even get it up today yet). I have more jar candles to put on the site, but at least this will be a start. So far, I have only the home page of the jar candles up on the website. Again, these aren't your "supermarket" candles, these are also handcrafted with a longer burning time, a cleaner burning time (you won't see wax on the sides of the jars) and a longer scent time also.

Need to take some photos of my soylites - mason jar soy candles - they are wonderful. These burn so clean and the smell is "out of this world". That will be my goal for the weekend.

Blessings to You.

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